Through My Eyes

Human experience as in human expression and how people portray their natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstance, mood or relationship with others or lack there-of in public or private. Thought: the act of possible situation is imperative in understanding existence and presence. Being vulnerable and unable to be in control of a situation and being completely exposed causes panic and discomfort. The emotional charge things/events/happenings leave behind to those they immediately affect and those who look upon them. Touch. The face reveals the untamed expression that leaks out through appearance. Texture: essence; consistency of a surface. Stuck. Contorted. Disoriented. Art is empathy, sympathy, anger, sadness, confusion, thought, knowledge, unclear, concise, complicated, ugly, pretty, colorful, colorless, industrial, natural, humorous, witty, understood, misunderstood, disgusting, delicious, true, false… Art is everything that it can and cannot be. Art is known when it is seen.