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Experience the tactile joy of clay in a private clay lesson at Supermud Pottery, tailored just for you! Over two immersive hours, unleash your creativity by molding something extraordinary. Whether you're drawn to the rhythmic spin of the potter's wheel or the hands-on intimacy of table-based hand building, I've got you covered—no prior experience needed. Bring along a friend, a few pals, or that special someone for a memorable artistic journey. Once your masterpiece takes shape, I'll add the finishing touches with refined detailing and your chosen glaze. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, dive into the clay, and revel in the sheer delight of creating something from scratch!



Step into the enchanting world of storytelling with a read-aloud event, curated with love and purpose. As a multimedia artist, early childhood educator, and published children's book illustrator and writer, I use the transformative power of storytelling to empower children. Together, we embark on a journey where children evolve into advocates for themselves and their communities. While every child deserves to be valued, it's essential to spotlight Black, Brown, trans, and other marginalized groups often overlooked in mainstream narratives. By amplifying their voices and stories, I aim to create inclusive, responsive, and nurturing spaces for all. Join me in celebrating diversity, embracing authenticity, and fostering a world where every child either sees their reflection or a window into another perspective and feels empowered to live their truth.



Enter into a personalized artistic journey with commission submissions now open! As a versatile multimedia artist proficient in clay, pottery, paper collage, fibers/textiles, and drawing, I offer custom creations co-created with your insight and my artist vision. Whether you're seeking a charming set of mugs to elevate your home decor, a heartfelt sculpture as a unique gift, a distinctive business card design, or a poignant figure to commemorate a special life event, your imagination sets the limit. To discuss your custom piece, fill out the form below with your specific inquiry. Let's co-create something extraordinary together!

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