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Unlock your creativity with a range of personalized services! From private clay lessons to captivating read-aloud sessions and engaging workshops, I offer unique experiences tailored to your interests. If you're ready to bring your vision to life, explore the possibilities of commissioning custom artwork. Check out my services here and start a journey of artistic discovery!


Enjoy a personalized clay lesson at Supermud Pottery! Mold your masterpiece in just two immersive hours—whether on the potter's wheel or through hand building. No experience required. Bring friends for a memorable artistic journey. Finish with refined detailing and your chosen glaze. Get ready to dive into the joy of creating from scratch!

Private lessons are offered at all levels and can include hand-building or wheel throwing​

Cost:  $275 for 2 hours, for 1 or 2 people up to 4 students may be accommodated at $125 / person 


Enter into a custom artistic journey with open commission submissions! As a versatile multimedia artist, I specialize in clay, pottery, collage, textiles, and drawing. Co-create custom pieces—from charming mugs to unique sculptures, business card designs, or commemorative figures. Your imagination sets the limit. Fill out the form below to discuss your custom piece and let's create something extraordinary together!


Immerse in a purposeful read-aloud event with a multimedia artist, early childhood educator, and published children's book creator. Together, we can empower children to become advocates for themselves and their communities. Spotlighting often overlooked voices, I strive for inclusive, responsive, and nurturing spaces. Join in celebrating diversity, embracing authenticity, and fostering a world where every child feels empowered to live their truth.

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